Chabad welcomes visitors to Hong Kong to join us for Shabbat Meals.

In order to assist us to plan efficiently, RESERVATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL.

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Shabbat meals with Chabad of Hong Kong:

Welcome to Shabbat with Chabad HK. We hope your experience will be enriching and memorable!

Cost of Meals: There is no fixed charge for Shabbat Meals with Chabad HK, but your support is appreciated and will help us maintain our guest services. In response to many enquires, you can support our guest services and general activities in the following ways:

1.    You can contribute the cost of the Shabbat meals.
Suggested contribution per meal (per person) is USD 50.

2.    You can make a general contribution (beyond the cost of Shabbat Meals) in support of Chabad HK. (Please specify amount).

3.    You can co-sponsor a Shabbat Meal at Chabad HK.
Friday night – USD 250
Shabbat Lunch – USD 250
Seuda Shlishit – USD 180

Please note: The Friday Night Meals are hosted (subject to group size) by Rabbi & Mrs. Avtzon in their home.
                       Shabbat Lunch & Seuda Shlishit are served at the Chabad House.

Additional Enquiries: [email protected]


Please note that the Friday night meals at Chabad of Hong Kong are generally hosted by Rabbi and Mrs. Avtzon. There is no charge. However, your contribution towards the activities of Chabad is most welcome and appreciated.

To make a contribution on line, please click here

For those interested in sponsoring a Shabbat meal please contact Rabbi Avtzon at [email protected]