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J-Link - What is it?

With its fast paced lifestyle and and intense working ethic, Hong Kong is certainly the City of Life!! As expatriates who have arrived to this city from all over the world and making their way in a new place, new profession, and/or new environment, Jewish Young Professionals often look for connections with others that share the same background, ideals and professionals aspirations.

 J-Link has been established to serve as a platform for young Jewish men and women to connect socially and professionally in various settings and programs.

Professional Networking Forums

These events will be organized periodically and will feature interesting speakers with particular expertise in the professional sector. Their presentations will be preceded by a cocktail hour where young professionals can mingle, socialize and "swap cards" - a la Hong Kong style.  Our guest speaker will speak on a particular topic and then entertain questions from the audience.

Young Professionals Shabbat and Holiday Dinners

Over the past 5 years Chabad's Young Professionals dinners have been the place where young men and women have gathered to celebrate Shabbat with their peers. Many lasting relationships have been fostered at these Shabbat Dinners and these events have served as an opportunity to celebrate Shabbat with friends and "family."

Social Events

Its not all about business.... J-Link also hosts social events, i.e. junk rides, bowling evenings, comedy evenings etc. to further promote socialization amongst Jewish young men and women.

Who is a Young Professional?

That's for you to decide. If you feel young and professional then you're part of the crowd.  There is no passport control at these events and we welcome anyone that would like to socialize with us.

Want to get involved?

We welcome you to be a part of the organizing committee of this program.  If you'd like to take part, please contact Daniel Livingstone on [email protected] for more information as to how you can get involved.